"Jennifer Carlson’s Write Your Story: A Self-Start, Write Your Own Biography is a courageous and beautifully written work that teaches by doing. Her memoirs run the gamut from heartwarming, infinitely sad, horrendous and ultimately uplifting. As an emergency services provider, Carlson has seen suffering, and I got the feeling as I read that her own abusive past has sharpened her empathetic skills. I loved the chapter’s-end questions and find that they are marvelous writing prompts for anyone who enjoys sitting down and writing -- even if a memoir is the last thing they’d ever consider doing. Carlson’s photographs are gorgeous and her curation efforts in matching photograph to mood are inspired. I especially loved her nature work and the atmospheric photos of those amazing libraries she spends time in. Her book works so well both as a memoir and a motivational guide for those considering sharing their own life-stories with others. Write Your Story: A Self-Start, Write Your Own Biography is most highly recommended."

~Jack Magnus, Reader's Favorite 

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"Excellent Workshop!"  Rated top-level (Excellent) in all categories.

~Anonymous Reviewer, Biography/Memoir Writing Workshop on Nantucket Island (Insider's Guide to Nantucket)

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"Jenn (Jennifer) Carlson is one of the most organized individuals I know. She is highly dedicated and professional in all her activities. She extensively plans her approach to all elements of her life."

~Jack Dorman, Executive Chairman at Next Image Medical, on LinkedIn


"Over two years ago, Dr. Jennifer Carlson lost her husband to vascular dementia that was caused by Alzheimer’s disease. She was devastated. Their marriage and life together would never be the same again. As she watched him slip away each day, her worry grew and her pain continued. They tried all they could but at one point she realized she had to let him go. At this point, sorrow clung to her like an unwelcome friend. As the days passed, she started healing through the help of amazing friends and family. Dr. Jennifer Carlson’s memoir, Write Your Story: A Self-Start, Write Your Own Biography follows this painful journey. It sheds light on the effect of Alzheimer’s disease on families and relationships. The memoir also presents Dr. Carlson’s painful childhood and how she overcame adversity and followed her dreams.

Every bit of Write Your Story is inspirational. From struggling to move forward from an abusive mother to dealing with the loss of her husband, the memoir is painful but, most importantly, Dr. Carlson proves that it is possible to regain your life even after devastation. The tone is gentle and encouraging. The author also opens up about many traumatic incidences and revelations. The fact that she continues to try to remain positive, despite the many setbacks, shows her courage and determination to live and make the best out of life. The photos included are beautiful and they complement the account. Write Your Story is an uplifting book that is a must-read for anyone who has gone through devastating events and needs courage to move forward and tell their story."

~ Edith Wairimu, on Google Books (here: Write Your Story on Google Books)


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