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The Red Covered Bridge | Swanzey, MassachusettsIced River | West Swanzey, MassachusettsRailroad Bridge | Ashland, New HampshireSnow Capped Mountain | Mount Chocorua, White Mountains, New HampshireWinter Cardinal | Westfield, MassachusettsIcy Branches | Ashburnham, MassachusettsIcy Watatic | Ashburnham, MassachusettsDeckside in Winter | Ashburnham, MassachusettsSnowy Deck | Ashburnham, MassachusettsSnowy Lake | Ashburnham, MassachusettsSnowy Morning | Ashburnham, MassachusettsIcy Ocean | Provincetown, MassachusettsGazebo in the Snow | Ashburnham, MassachusettsRainy Winter Morning | Ashburnham, MassachusettsIce Castles | Lincoln, New HampshireIce Castles VIII | Lincoln, New HampshireIce Castles III | Lincoln, New HampshireIce Castles V | Lincoln, New HampshireIce Castles VI | Lincoln, New HampshireSnow Castle Walk | Lincoln, New Hampshire