Scenic Landscapes, LLC is a diversified New England business offering a kind and supportive environment to help others to reach their personal and professional goals through life coaching, creative writing and photography (consulting for home or business) through the delivery of one-on-one meetings, workshops and event speaking.  The business also sells workbooks, stock photography and gifts in their online store.  In addition to delivering workshops and event speaking in the community, the business has also partnered with King’s Berry Farm where workshops will be delivered and workbooks, stock photography, and gifts will be sold seasonally.  King’s Berry Farm is located in East Brookfield, in a prime location on North Brookfield Road, 100 yards from State Route 9 where agricultural farm structures and products are sold seasonally.


Scenic Landscapes began as a hobby photography business intended to generate part-time income to supplement full-time work.  In 2005, Ms. Jennifer Carlson (founder) deployed to Hurricane Katrina, and a number of other disasters in the years that followed, building her personal and professional photography portfolio over two decades.  Concurrently, and prior to 2005, with a love of local/national parks and scenic landscapes of all kinds, Jennifer has photographed many places on location, and subjects, for over thirty years with the intention of providing pictures that capture her heart, soul and love for the profession of photography. Jennifer uses light within her pictures on her photography adventures to capture the kindness and most beautiful parts she discovers in nature that she is so inspired by.  Thomas Kincaid’s paintings became one of Jennifer’s greatest inspirations and, to this day, Jennifer looks to use light as Kincaid did in every single piece of work she creates. 


In 2018, three years after completing a Ph.D. in disaster/emergency management from Capella University’s Public Safety Leadership program (2015), and seven years after becoming certified in her field (2001; achieving the CEM® designation from the International Association of Emergency Managers), Jennifer decided to finish a book written of her experiences to compliment the business with a third topic—writing—utilizing all collegiate courses Jennifer had taken that are creative writing-related in the preceding years coupled with two decades of facilitation at universities, organizations and in the community.  The book, “Write Your Story: A Self-Start, Write Your Own Biography” was published in January of 2019 and uses many pictures from Scenic Landscapes (including the cover taken in Wellfleet, Massachusetts at the site of the first transatlantic telecommunication, Marconi Station, located on Cape Cod’s National Seashore). 


Life coaching sessions, creative writing support, workshops/event speaking, and photography by consultation are the primary services offered with an online store operating in the background——that serves to support the business with a platform for purchasing workbooks, registering for services, and purchasing stock photography and gifts.  In the spring of 2019 Scenic Landscapes was incorporated as an LLC; one company with two businesses.  Scenic Landscapes, LLC now operates Scenic Landscapes by J. Carlson, and Jennifer's new public safety business, Disaster PlanEx, which offers support to the public and private sector for disaster/emergency planning, exercises and drills, workshops/event speaking, and exam proctoring 


Mission Statement


The mission of Scenic Landscapes, LLC is to help and inspire others to reach toward their personal and professional goals through life coaching, creative writing support and photographic consultation.  We believe passionately in supporting our community through the six traits of ethical character, honest values, and commitment to service by offering services on location as scheduled throughout New England, virtually, and at our home-based business.  By providing the tools needed, and inspiration to move forward, Scenic Landscapes, LLC aims to make a difference for individuals, families and businesses through life coaching, creative writing support and photographic consultation.